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Where Your Treasures Are?

Treasures of the House Determines Our Focus and We Serve

Sermonette; #915s; 17 minutes
Given 20-Dec-08

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Clyde Finklea, suggesting that this nation is drunk on materialism, reflected that perhaps many of us equate financial well-being with God"s blessings, and financial hardship as a sign of God's disfavor. Sadly, materialism is actually a philosophy which tries to account for a universe without God. As we determine whether we are victims of materialism or materialistic philosophy, we need to ask: (1) Where is our treasure and heart? (2) Where is our focus? (3) Who or what are we serving? It is impossible to serve both God and mammon. Where our heart is will determine what we serve. As a fanatic Communist serves his party with fanatic devotion, we should be just as devoted to serving God.



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