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World Religions

Sermonette; #099s; 16 minutes
Given 30-Oct-93

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Martin Collins, reminding us that ancient Israel was continually corrected for their spiritual adultery, maintains that modern Israel, sadly but predictably has the same proclivities. Because ancient Israel had not kept their part of the covenant with God, the foreign religions which they tolerated and embraced were to become a perpetual thorn in their side and a snare to them. Foreign religions have always snared people away from God, leading to ultimate slavery and bondage. With events such as the Parliament of World Religions, convening in 1893 and 1993, America has provided a solid beachhead for eastern religions, eroding modern Israel's loyalty to God's covenant. Today, Islam is the second largest religion in America after Christianity, having the distinct possibility of eclipsing Christianity in two or three decades. New Age religions including neo-paganism and witchcraft are also thriving under the encouragement of the Parliament of world religion. As the influence of these alien faiths percolate into the collective psyche, God's curses will also be experienced by our people.



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