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The Desires of Our Heart

Delighting in the Lord

Sermonette; #970s; 17 minutes
Given 26-Dec-09

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David Grabbe, commenting on the seasonal advertising this time of year creating artificial desires and guilt for not giving freely, suggests that proponents of the prosperity gospel ask us to "name it and claim it," focusing on what can be gained. Seemingly, if we give freely, God is obligated to shower us with blessings. Actually, the verses which are sometimes used to expound this theme (such as Psalm 37:4) focus on the need to align ourselves to God's intent. When we delight in God, it will change our heart and thus the things that we desire, from carnal to spiritual. We will delight in His sovereignty over our lives, allowing Him to order our steps. Delighting in the Lord transforms our hearts, conforming ourselves to His attributes.



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