Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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The First Temptation of Christ

Facets of God; Outworking

Sermonette; #1020s; 17 minutes
Given 20-Nov-10

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David Grabbe, focusing upon the temptations of Christ by Satan, emphasizes that the best way to counter Satan's temptations is with scripture, especially scripture from the book of the Law (more specifically from Deuteronomy, the book the kings were told to write out). Jesus contended with the same temptations as ancient Israel, but successfully surmounted them. By trusting in God's providence, Jesus overcame the temptations that our forebears failed: physical thirst and hunger, glory or acclaim, and tempting God by pouting. Jesus Christ has taught us that what God provides spiritually is vastly superior to physical blessings.



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