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commentary: Are They Telling the Truth or Lying?

Who is the Government? Who is to Blame?

Given 18-Dec-10; Sermon #1024c; 10 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reflects on the attempt of the crippled, but vindictive, lame duck congress to cram down the throats of our citizenry undesirable legislation which was previously voted down. The deleterious Food Safety Modernization Act, already voted down by responsible members of congress, was surreptitiously tacked on the Bush tax cut extension bill. By voting on this insidious bill, the progressive politicians are continuing Lyndon Johnson's sinister policies of removing significant liberties, making our citizenry hopelessly dependent upon government bureaucracy. The Obama administration, by printing funny money to monetize the debt, have invited superpowers like China and Russia to bypass the dollar, no longer relying on the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Because of the ill-advised Geithner monetary policies, America's economic future appears horribly bleak.



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