Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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Faith Versus Outward Appearances

The Faithful Servant

Sermonette; #1026s; 18 minutes
Given 01-Jan-11

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Martin Collins, cuing in on Romans 10:17, affirms the role of hearing in establishing faith. Noah's faith came about by verbal warnings from God of things that would take place, including divine instructions as to how to save his family. The rest of the world was totally oblivious to the horrendous things which would soon befall them. We have similar divine instructions to save us, if we diligently and obediently follow them, from the firestorm which will eventually scour the world from evil. Both Noah and Abraham were judged and praised more from what they did than from what they said. Faithfulness is the one great measure of our spiritual growth.



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