Times of Uncertainty

God's Promise of Guidance

Sermonette; #1027s; 19 minutes
Given 08-Jan-11


David Grabbe claims that the current times can be characterized as times of uncertainty, chaos, and turmoil. Science desperately attempts to build models to forecast economic, social, political, and weather patterns. Proverbs 3:5-6 provides a more certain way to adjust to the future; we are to trust God with all our heart and mind, implicitly and explicitly, without any reservations. This unqualified trust in God (rather than our own understanding) brings peace of mind and security about the future. Our forebears, leaning on their own understanding, were led into idolatry and adultery. Let us acknowledge God in every aspect of our lives; if we do, He will direct our paths and make them straight, giving us peace and vanquishing anxiety.