Life Doesn't Work on a Balance Sheet

Why Bad Things Happen

Sermonette; #1031s; 20 minutes
Given 05-Feb-11


David Grabbe, acknowledging that suffering is part of the order of all things, attempts to answer the question posed by atheists and agnostics, "If there is a God, why does He allow suffering?" Hebrews 2:9 indicates that suffering is actually a godly tool used to perfect individuals. God the Father fully understood Jesus Christ's predicament, but allowed Him to suffer in order to qualify and perfect Him for His role as our High Priest, experiencing the horrendous consequences of our sins, including the separation from God and the oblivion of death. Following our Elder Brother's example, we must endure suffering, submitting patiently to God's will, enabling us to be perfected for our roles as members of God's family.