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The Endurance of the Firstfruits

Beware Hardness of Heart

Sermonette; #1052Bs; 18 minutes
Given 12-Jun-11

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David Grabbe, examining the instructions in Leviticus 23 to count for Pentecost, suggests count can mean tally, notch, or keeping score of something that has happened before. The word "entire" suggests seven, whole, complete, or perfected. The Feast of Weeks constitutes seven completed weeks, suggesting a time of growth or maturity. Seven suggests a number of completion or perfection. We celebrate the completion of a spiritual harvest because many threats and dangers lurk along the way between sowing and harvest, including stony soil, thorns, and blight. We need to place our roots down deep to ensure anchorage, protecting us from inclement weather and scorching drought. When we realize that God knows what He is doing with us, we should not develop a hardened heart.



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