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To Tell You The Truth

Fighting Deception with God's Truth

Sermonette; #1054s; 15 minutes
Given 25-Jun-11

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Joe Baity, acknowledging that our adversary, Satan the devil, has made giant inroads into government, corporate America, education, politics, entertainment, and media (virtually every institution), points out that the biggest casualty is pure truth. We need to have our sensibilities trained to ferret out truth from the excessive falsehood and bias around us. The quest to attain truth is indeed a life-and-death battle in which mankind has been embroiled for the last 6,000 years. Because most of the inhabitants of the earth are already hopelessly deceived, Satan has made his number- one objective the corruption of God's elect; we are his target. Satan has crafted his snare, turning the world into a very tempting amusement park. Is there anyone we can count on to bring us the pure unadulterated truth? God's Word and God's Holy Spirit can lead us to the truth. We need to be careful not to feel smug in our superiority to the world's depravity. As part of the Laodicean era, we are vulnerable to Satan's attacks and our own deceptive human nature, desperately needing God's pure and unadulterated truth.



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The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

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