Waving the White Flag
Commentary; Given 9/11/2021
The radical Islamic forces, like hungry sharks, are circling America and the West, smelling blood in the water and the scent of fear from a defeated nation.
The Point of No Return
Commentary; Given 8/7/2021
Even before COVID-19, Americans were gripped by anxiety, fear, and depression, pointing to an unrecognized but quickly spreading mental health pandemic.
A Drop to Drink
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 8/3/2021
The American West is once again under severe drought conditions, and now a first-ever federal water-shortage declaration on the Colorado River will be announced.
If You Can Keep It
Sermonette; Given 7/10/2021
Americans, having by and large lost both their morality and their sense of vigilance, now stand on the verge of losing the republic.
Can You Hear Me Now?
Commentary; Given 5/22/2021
A collection of suggestions as to how everyone may contribute to a better Sabbath broadcast.
Blurring the Lines
Commentary; Given 4/24/2021
The Destroyer has mastered the craft of redefinition, blurring boundaries, eliminating the defining lines between evil and good, profane and holy.
Universal Basic Income
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 4/19/2021
Some politicians are proposing legislation to give cash handouts on a regular basis - a new, permanent entitlement program without regard to employment.
The Back Door
Sermonette; Given 3/6/2021
Satan knows how to exploit the vulnerabilities of carnal nature for his purposes. Satan's tireless efforts to hack the human mind steal valuable time.
The Abuse of Freedom
Commentary; Given 2/20/2021
Change agents in the United States are engaging in a deliberate assault on free speech, which the Founding Fathers protected through the Bill of Rights.
The Sound of Someone Listening
Sermonette; Given 1/16/2021
It behooves God's people to learn to listen, never missing a good chance to 'shut up.' We must practice the sound of silence.
'Political' Science
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 12/29/2020
Due to the high level of respect for science, political and cultural leaders are selectively using it to push agendas that contradict established facts.
The Vetting
Sermonette; Given 12/5/2020
We must take a closer look at ourselves, inviting God into the vetting process, recognizing the difference between what we are and how we present ourselves.
Remember the Luddites!
Commentary; Given 11/7/2020
Some accept any innovation without calculating the damage it might bring to the culture, while others find it difficult to accept any technological changes.
The Changing Face of Mainstream Christianity
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 11/2/2020
Some basic tenets of mainstream Christian churches in the United States are markedly different from what they were just a few decades ago in critical areas.
The Reset
Sermonette; Given 10/6/2020
The World Economic Forum, has been conspiring for years to establish a globalist New World Order, revamping all the world's institutions.
First Do No Harm
Sermonette; Given 9/26/2020
The physician's code attributed to Hippocrates was designed to inspire trust on the part of the patients, especially on behalf of the most vulnerable.
Everywhere But Up
Commentary; Given 8/1/2020
Western society is looking to technology, medicine and government for solutions to its seemingly unsolvable problems, looking everywhere but up.
So Far Away
Sermonette; Given 6/6/2020
When the children of light judge and condemn those living in this world, they become the world and move away from God.
Rebels With a Cause
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 6/4/2020
It is not unusual for various groups to protest, but increasingly, we are witnessing frequent, passionate, and violent demonstrations all over the world.
The Blame Game
Commentary; Given 4/11/2020
People revere doctors and technology above God. We are obsessed with negative and fake news, all assigning blame and pointing critical fingers.