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Think Not Thimk

Proper Use of the Preparation Day

Sermonette; #1055s; 16 minutes
Given 02-Jul-11

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Charles Whitaker, suggesting that there are many occasions when we 'thimk' rather than think, reminds us that we must remain focused on the basics of Sabbath keeping, including using the preparation day wisely. God established a pattern, teaching the importance of the preparation day. We must use wise time- management principles in the matter of food preparation, clothing selection, and vehicle maintenance. One principle we could follow is if something we do on Friday frees us from doing an activity on the Sabbath, we should do it on the preparation day which begins Thursday evening. Most of the chores connected with food, clothing, or transportation can be relegated to the preparation day. Some of the chores, including cleaning the house or filling the car, can be done incrementally throughout the week. We should not purposely push the ox in the ditch.



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