Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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Making the Paths Straight

Sermonette; #1074s; 15 minutes
Given 12-Nov-11

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David Grabbe, expounding on Ecclesiastes 1:15, cautions us that we cannot expect perfection in the works of man under the sun. Things that are broken through hasty words or careless workmanship cannot be straightened out. When one forcibly tries to get his way over another person, metaphorically wrenching something from him, it makes things crooked. Satan, a created being, is the source of the crookedness in this cosmos, as he tried to persuade his fellow angels to follow his paths. God sometimes twists our paths for our ultimate good. Recently, He had to wrench our previous fellowship away from its disastrous course. Both Satan and God have succeeded in turning our world upside down. Only the sovereign God can make it straight again. We cannot straighten out the crookedness of the world, but we can, with His help, make our paths straight.



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