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The Jesus Deficit

Lessons From Laodicea

Sermonette; #1080s; 19 minutes
Given 24-Dec-11

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David Grabbe, maintaining that watching and listening is crucial in Christ's message to the Laodiceans, suggests that watching is an internal activity in which we are always attuned to the voice of the Master, remaining continually vigilant. While the timing of the master's return is unknown, readiness has to remain a constant. If we are truly watchful, we will always want to do those things which please the Master. We will also know the Master's voice, and as long as we are listening and as long as we value spiritual riches more than physical riches, we will hear it. We dare not equate receiving spiritual gifts as being spiritually rich, as had the Corinthians and our previous fellowship who had also basked in spiritual gifts, but did not have a good relationship with Jesus Christ. If we think we have spiritual wealth (when we actually do not), we will tend to judge others as inferior to us. If we think we are full, we will not recognize our spiritual poverty, and our witness to others will be inferior and incomplete. True knowledge and wisdom comes only with having a relationship with Jesus Christ.



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The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

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