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commentary: The I.R.S. Is Moving

Against The Non-Profits

Given 24-Dec-11; Sermon #1080c; 15 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, suggesting that the onerous burden of taxes places a tremendous strain on our individual freedom, observes that government has literally devised thousands of ways of separating ourselves from our hard-earned wealth. Nevertheless, the citizenry of the United States are the most generous people on the face of the earth, with each man, woman, and child donating the equivalent of $709 per year to voluntary charities. The Israelitish people are the most generous of any people. The IRS, extremely envious of the success of non-profit organizations, appears to be moving aggressively to find new ways to fund the failed, incompetent US Government by attempting to steal resources from non-profit organizations, looking for slip-ups in filing papers. In the wake of this aggressive behavior on the part of the IRS, it is incumbent to keep meticulous, error-free books.



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