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Is God In Favor of Profits?

He Most Certainly Is

Sermonette; #1123s; 18 minutes
Given 26-Sep-12

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John Ritenbaugh reflects upon the naïve attitude held by President Obama and many Democrats that all wealthy people got their wealth dishonestly, having taken it from the poor. Delegates to the 2012 Democrat Convention in Charlotte agreed that confiscatory taxation was the best means to redistribute wealth. Economist Peter Schiff was shocked at the incredible low level of understanding apparent among the majority of Democrats regarding how the economy really works. Democrats seem to have a visceral reaction against profits (whether made by Mitt Romney or anyone else), naively believing that they were stolen from the working class. Democrat delegates openly declared that a cap should be put upon corporate profits, and they applauded when they learned corporations had lost profits. The suggestion to cap corporate profits would curtail productivity and would destroy wealth. Without profits, the large meeting facilities in which these Democrats met would have never been constructed. Government has no means of creating wealth, only taking it. The profits of private corporations have been the source of government-stolen wealth through confiscatory taxation, stealing from the productive and given to groups who will support the socialist agenda of the Democrat party. What the government gives, it has taken (stolen) from the hard work of the truly productive. Corporations cannot exist using that philosophy; it must make a profit to exist. The Scriptures continually use the term profit (no fewer than 45 times) in the positive sense, indicating that God the Father and Jesus Christ intend that profit be a reward for honest productivity and effort. Without profit, life has been lived in vain. Without profit, life has no point whatsoever. God has no use for the unprofitable servant. We are all encouraged to use our spiritual gifts and physical abilities for gain and increase in order to serve others. If one does well, God instructs that they should be given double honor. Wit



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