Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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What Does God Treasure?

The Pearl of Great Price

Sermonette; #FT12-06s; 16 minutes
Given 04-Oct-12

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Ted Bowling, asking what it is that God really treasures, asserts that God treasures us, and moreover the merchant in the parable of the Pearl of Great Price (Matthew 13:45-46) is not us seeking god, but it is Jesus Christ seeking us. We are the Pearl of Great Price to God Almighty. God is jealous and protective us us. Pearls are formed in an oyster, formed by the secretion of a chemical to protect it from the irritation of debris. No two pearls are ever alike. When the parable of the Pearl of Great Price was written, pearls were extremely rare. Our transformation into a spirit being resembles the process of creating a pearl. We are the precious jewels described in Malachi 3:17; we can enrich God's life through the life we live. Can we see the value of our brothers and sisters who accompany us on our spiritual journey, also becoming pearls of great price.



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