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Intelligent Governing in God's Kingdom

Sermonette; #FT12-08s; 21 minutes
Given 05-Oct-12

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Gilbert Boyer, using the metaphor of a hurricane, suggests that if we don't take precautions to protect ourselves from the spiritual and political hurricanes around us, we will be destroyed. The Feast of Tabernacles depict the termination of the soon -coming hurricanes and the establishment of God's Kingdom. God alone will provide the wisdom to withstand the horrendous storms. When we are glorified spirit beings in His Kingdom, God will provide the ability to rule. Sergius Paul was granted special skill, not for his political skills, but for his acceptance of Christianity. There have been some gifted leaders who have not had university educations, but received the gift from Almighty God to lead their people. Having the ability to apply God's word will give God's called-out ones to govern in God's Kingdom. Our specific role has not yet been revealed, but God will supply what we need. Facing the struggles ahead will give us the strength and fortitude to lead.



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