Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays

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Sermonette; #FT12-09s; 20 minutes
Given 06-Oct-12

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James Beaubelle, focusing on the tempestuous end times depicted in II Timothy 3:1, suggests that there is a serious erosion of family government and family cohesiveness. The destruction of the family has created dysfunctional children. Even though some strident voices have foolishly defended the 'institution' of the single parent households, the single parent home bring home considerably less money, the male offspring have no or poor role models, and both male and female offspring receive insufficient discipline. If we revere God our Father, we will be better parent models. Satan is the worst role model of a parent, but our Heavenly Father is the best role model. Sadly, Satan, the default parent of most of the world's inhabitants, is the cause of the destruction of the family unit. God's called-out ones have the best parental guidance on the face of the earth.



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