Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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The Truth About Deception

Resisting and Overcoming Satan

Sermonette; #1135s; 17 minutes
Given 22-Dec-12

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David Grabbe, acknowledging that this time of the year often sets God's called-out ones apart from the world, focuses upon the topic of deception and Satan's wiles. A careless reading of Matthew 24:24 might give the false impression that the elect are immune to deception, a mistaken view soundly punctured by the writers of the Epistles. It is possible for the elect to be deceived if they foolishly think they are invulnerable to deception. The entire world is deceived in many forms, shapes, and flavors. If we defend ourselves on one front, we may not be prepared on another front. We are no match for the master con artist—Satan the devil. We are vulnerable to Satan's deception unless we stay close to God rather than trusting in man or ourselves. We cannot anticipate where, when, or how Satan will strike. Our only protection is developing a close relationship with God.



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