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sermon: The Healing of a Man Born Blind (Part Two)

Growth in Knowledge and Understanding

Given 22-Jun-13; Sermon #1164; 73 minutes

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Martin Collins, continuing in his exposition of the healing of the man blind from birth, reiterates that a spiritual analogy can be derived from this episode, suggesting that all of us have been born spiritually blind and have spent a great deal of our early lives in total darkness, oblivious to our need for salvation. Like the man physically blind from birth, we are not able to value spiritual vision because we initially never had it. We did not know what we lacked before we were called, having no illumination until Jesus, the light of the world, provided us with spiritual sight. The methodology Jesus used presented several problems to both the Greeks, who sought wisdom and philosophy, and to the Jewish leaders, who requested a sign as well as demanding strict conformity to their burdensome system of laws, which had transformed the Sabbath, meant to be a time of liberation and refreshment, into a grievous burden. The Pharisees, who feared losing their influence and power over the people, hated the True Light, trying to discredit His miracles by claiming that He violated the Sabbath by working (making mud with clay and spittle) and healing a man. This whole procedure to the carnal mind seemed coarse, strange, and offensive. To the Greek mind, this procedure—as well as the entire Gospel message—seemed foolish, inadequate, or hindered, but the foolishness of God is more profound than the highest of worldly wisdom. The mud poultice and the washing in the pool of Siloam serves as a type of baptism which God's called out ones are obligated to undergo. As the man who was healed from his blindness faces the predatory interrogation from the Pharisees designed to discredit him or trap Jesus, his ability to witness became sharpened as he was given wisdom to see through the cunning and conniving gainsaying of these surreptitious religious leaders, responding to their queries with careful, measured responses. As God's called-out ones, our words and behavior will also elicit a certain degree of hostility and hatre



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