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Pagan Holidays

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In the Pursuit of Happiness

Sermonette; #1174s; 15 minutes
Given 31-Aug-13

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Dan Elmore, cuing in on a poem by American author Edwin Arlington Robinson, titled A Happy Man, explores the concept of happiness, discovering the secret as to how it can be achieved. In the Declaration of Independence of the United States, the pursuit of happiness is designated as a right. Sadly many despicable actions practiced today have been attributed to that elusive 'pursuit,' including multiple divorce and remarriages, drug addiction, and government handouts. Happiness does not come to those who haven't labored to produce something worthy of happiness. Dr. Jacob Sokol identifies 12 things happy people do differently, including (1) appreciating what they have, (2) manufacture their own optimism, (3) not comparing themselves to others, (4) performing acts of kindness, (5) develop meaningful relationships, (6) respond maturely to "craptastic" moments, (7) refusing to harbor feelings of hatred, (8) flowing in a moment time stands still, (9) slowing down to enjoy the joy, (10) being wholeheartedly dedicated to something, (11) practicing spirituality , and (12) taking care of one's body and health. For God's called out ones, the way to happiness seems to lead paradoxically through trials and tribulations. To achieve happiness, we must bear spiritual fruit.



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