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Wealth, Power, Control, and Freedom

Don't Be Enslaved

Sermonette; #1175sa; 19 minutes
Given 05-Sep-13

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John Ritenbaugh states that money has been an important part of peoples' ever since Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. The repeated references to money, riches, wealth, and mammon, reflects its significance as a source of empowerment. Abraham was reported to be rich in gold and silver, enduing him with power and respect. Money enables people to attain material goods, education, influence, and freedom. There is no end to what money may purchase. Currently our nation is heading into a money crisis , sliding into bankruptcy through quantitative easing of paper money, making it worthless . The beginning of Israel's troubles with governmental fiscal irresponsibility was recorded in I Samuel 8:10-17, when our forebears requested a king rather than relying on God to guide them. Like the gentile kings around them, the King of Israel raised confiscatory taxes for his army and government 'services," forcing an obscene transfer of wealth for these services. Governments produce no profit, but parasitically survive by tyrannically taking from those who produce. Foolishly, Israel signed on the dotted line, not thinking about the consequences which would follow. The power and prestige of wealth often causes those who have it to disrespect those without it, creating an emotional divide among the economic classes. We need to use wealth responsibly, with the idea of serving people than to lord it over them.



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