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What Does it Take to Survive?

Sermonette; #FT13-03s; 17 minutes
Given 19-Sep-13

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on Mark 13:13 and on his recent trials, asks the poignant question, will we survive and endure to the end. Many 'reality' TV shows are based upon the theme of survival. Ben Sherwood wrote an enlightening book on the common denominator of survival. John Leech made an observation called the 10 80 10 principle, which suggested than in a crisis, a mere 10 percent will know how to proceed, while 80 % will become statuesque and brain-locked with analysis paralysis, like the ancient Israelites. 10% will absolutely panic and freak out, unable to pull themselves together. When Sherwood interviewed a large number of survivors, he found that 70% or 80% attributed their survival to faith in a higher power. Shockingly, Sherwood reported that 74% of the 100 Holocaust survivors he interviewed attributed their survival to chance. The solutions to our trials should prove to us that God doesn't leave outcomes to chance. Survivors are the ones that God has called; we must remember that as we face our own Red Sea.



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