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Why is Hope Delayed?

It is in God's Control

Sermonette; #1179s; 24 minutes
Given 05-Oct-13

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John Ritenbaugh, reporting on an incident in which a woman tried to ram her car through the White House fence, an event which the drive-by media reported as frustration against the government, cautions us that there is no island of peace and hope from all this evil governmental chicanery. We live in parallel times described by Amos 5:18-20, a time shortly before Ancient Israel was scattered by the Assyrians. God has willed that Christians pass through these perilous times. The Greeks had an ambivalent attitude toward hope, because they felt it was always surrounded by despair. Anyone who believes the Bible should always have hope, even in the midst of impending death. We are promised that we will never be tested beyond what we can endure. Why does God seemingly test our hope, making us discouraged? Positive hope equates to an expectation for a positive result. The psalmist David often had to reconstitute his courage in the midst of being "cast down." Hope is a necessity of Christian life; we cannot allow it to slip away in a current of despair. When hope in God is in our mind (trusting in the impending resurrection), we can weather despair. Even though God sometimes 'delays,' we can have confidence that God's timing is nevertheless impeccable. God eventually answered David and God answered Jesus Christ's question, "Why have you forsaken me?" Hope does not deal with the past, but anticipates the glorious future.




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