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Can We Win People For Christ?

The Scripture Remains Unbroken

Sermonette; #1185s; 18 minutes
Given 16-Nov-13

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David Grabbe, focusing on John 10:35, which teaches that scripture cannot be broken, maintains that all doctrines must be complementary with all the others, including the particulars of our calling. We cannot approach God on our own unless we receive our calling from Almighty God. No human being can 'win' a soul for Christ or open his minds to the mysteries of God. We can establish a positive relationship so that we do not provide a stumbling block when God does call him. Gaining people actually means attaining their trust; we cannot by our efforts call any one or impart true belief. We can use self denial to avoid things (that are lawful) but that cause offense to others. We can diplomatically warn a brother about sliding into apostasy, getting him on safer ground.



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