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An Election Overview (Part Three)

Commentary; #1355c; 13 minutes
Given 17-Dec-16

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John Ritenbaugh, analyzing the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, suggests that the magnitude of Donald Trump's victory was more dramatic than first thought, the demographics reflecting that his popularity was in inverse proportion to population density. He did best in areas outside of large cities. The electoral college system, instituted by the Founding Fathers, assured a more balanced representation of all economic classes and minority groups than the 'popular' vote, over-representing urban dwellers. Hillary Clinton alienated most men in all demographics, most women as they moved farther away from the big cities, and most men and women of evangelical or Catholic persuasion. Beginning in 2010, Democrats began to hemorrhage power, losing both the U.S. House of the Representatives and the Senate, as well as 32 State houses, some governorships, and many municipal governments. The widespread loss indicated peoples' general disaffection 'progressive' government. In short, Barack Obama's brand of 'progressive' government has virtually destroyed the credibility of the Democratic Party, at the same time rendering him perhaps the most disliked President in a long time. This time around, Americans seemed to indicate that they wanted a nationalist, a patriot, a pragmatist, a businessman, and a leader, not another internationalist. We are moving into a politically tumultuous time in which an irresistible force is set to collide with an immovable object.


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