Life after Death?
Life after Death?

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Learning to Live in the Light

Sermon; #1466a; 35 minutes
Given 22-Dec-18

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Kim Myers avers that there are three ways of life God's people may choose. The first way of life is walking in the light—the only way acceptable to God. The second way is to walk in a mixture of darkness and light. The third way is to walk in total darkness, the way most of mankind under the sway of Satan has chosen. Through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit, God has enabled His people to walk exclusively in the Light. However, three forces militate to thwart living this lifestyle: (1.) the ways of this world, (2.) human carnality (which is easily susceptible to falling prey to this world) and (3.) Satan and his demonic entourage. Those living in total darkness love companionship and will doggedly attempt to convince God's people that wrongdoing is pleasurable. The gift of God's Holy Spirit should motivate us to walk in the light. We love what the light brings, but we cannot enjoy it because we have chosen to syncretize light and darkness. If God's people compromise with sin, giving in just a little bit to carnality, the persistent pulls of society, and Satan's wiles, we will die in darkness, succumbing to sin. God has ordained that His called-out ones be lights to the darkened world by repenting of sins, keeping the faith once delivered, and living in Christ's Light.


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