Sermonette: For the Love of the Truth

How Does God Want to be Worshipped?

Given 22-Dec-18; 17 minutes

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False religionists have constructed Christmas and Easter upon pagan foundations, while the Lord's prescribed Feasts are found in Leviticus 23. Christ has never had any concourse with man's holidays, which are built on lies, and which ultimately have the undesirable consequence of teaching children they cannot trust the veracity of their own parents (who have lied to them about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny). Trust is steadily collapsing in America, at least in part the result of the barrage of fake news from mainstream media as well as the improbity of irresponsible politicians. Our parents, Adam and Eve, trusted the suave sales pitch of a lying serpent more than the commands of their own Parent, God Himself. We, as God's called-out ones, dare not emulate their sad example, realizing that the only source of truth is God Almighty (Hebrews 6:17-18), who cannot lie. If we abandon God's truth, we are asking Satan to guide us.