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On the Mend

God's Remarkable Design for Our Healing

Sermonette; #1479s; 17 minutes
Given 23-Mar-19

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Joe Baity, reflecting on the emotional testing of his and his wife's faith about what appeared to be a set-back in the healing of their son's collar bone, gives us an exemplum of faith building which carries a spiritual analogy. After multiple visits to medical personnel, what they feared to be physical setbacks turned out to be the result of misinterpreting medical data. An orthopedic specialist finally clarified the situation as a normally processing healing process, a highly complex one designed by God. As God has designed the marvelous healing process, undetected by the untrained eye, God has also designed spiritual healing through sanctification, requiring that faith, suffering, and healing be a part of the same process. As by Christ's broken body our diseases can be healed, so, by Christ's blood can His Body (the Church) be healed spiritually. As we approach the coming Passover, we, mindful that Christ is sensitive to our suffering, should augment our own sensitivities to the suffering of others in Christ's Body. Though we live in extremely traumatic times, we can be optimistic as we develop the faith of Christ, assuring us that we are already on the mend.



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