Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

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Sermonette; #FT19-05s; 20 minutes
Given 18-Oct-19

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Ronny Graham, recognizing that some of the most poignant and hurtful persecution we experience comes from our own families and extended families, rather than, as some might expect, from embittered members of the fellowship, maintains that we must assiduously learn endurance. As we approach the time of Christ's return, persecution will become increasingly intense, coming from places we least expect it. Alfred Lansing's book Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage describes Sir Edward Shackleton's harrowing trek across the Antarctic Continent in 1914, and the epic struggle for survival endured by 28 men for nearly two years. Suffering extreme cold, frostbite, and tempestuous storms, the men almost gave up hope when their 'savior' (Shackleton) took longer to return to Elephant Island than they had anticipated. But just as Shackleton ultimately came through with help, our Savior Jesus Christ has promised that He will never leave us helplessly stranded (Hebrews 13:5).



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