Feast: Handpicked By God

Our Spiritual Ruts

Given 17-Oct-19; 46 minutes

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God handpicked us for a specific purpose, just as He did Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, and their extended families. God also handpicked second-generation Church members, though their environment as children often shielded them from many of the temptations that dogged their parents. However, these members have a new set of challenges from peer pressure and other temptations to test and mold their character. No one called by God has lived a charmed life, but all have, to one degree or another, experienced persecution or rejection from family and friends. After our calling, we usually become acclimated to the routine of the Sabbath, Holy Days, and tithing quickly. However, our most difficult battle is the control over our minds, subduing our carnal nature. We must emulate David who, despite his horrendous sins, 1.) was a man after God's heart, 2.) was humble, 3.) reverent to, 4.) respectful toward, and 5.) trusting in God, 6.) loving God fervently, 7.) devoted to God, 8.) recognizing God, 9.) faithful and obedient to God, and finally, 10.) thoroughly repentant of his sins. Righteous kings of Judah were far and few between: the default behavior of our forebears tended to evil, just as in modern Israel. It behooves all of us to persevere in prayer, Bible Study, and meditation, keeping an ample supply of oil in our lamps as did the wise virgins.



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