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Walk By Faith Not Fleece

Lessons From Gideon

Sermonette; #1540s; 17 minutes
Given 18-Apr-20

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Bill Onisick, reminding us that the wave sheaf offering, made with barley, represents Jesus Christ, the First of the First Fruits, links the barley image to Gideon's victory over the hordes of pillaging Midianites who greatly outnumbered Israelite forces. Israelites used barley, considered a peasant food, mainly for feeding livestock. Having less nutritional value than wheat, it is easier to grow and harvest. God mightily used Gideon, initially a timid man who required multiple signs from God, when he began walking more by faith than sight. A major turning point for Gideon was his overhearing a Midianite soldiers discussing a dream in which a barley loaf collapsed a tent of the Midianites. Later, after Gideon's army smashed clay pots which conceal torches, the Midianites, totally bewildered, turned on each other, killing themselves without the intervention of Gideon's army. God had single-handedly trounced the enemy. Barley, representing Jesus Christ, later figures in the feeding of the 5,000, where Christ fed the entire multitude with only two loaves. Just as Gideon's army broke their clay jars to reveal light, Christ commands His people to let their light radiate as the trials of life break their bodies. Just like Gideon, God's people are weak, the base of the world. God wants the children of light to remember that without Christ, they can do nothing. Like Gideon, they need to learn to walk by faith rather than sight.



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