The Dangers of 'Miracle II'

Lying Wonders

Commentary; #580sa; 14 minutes
Given 19-Oct-02


John Ritenbaugh, in the role of a watchman and shepherd, warns us about the dangers of a cleansing product called "Miracle II by God Almighty." The inventor of this product, an ordained Pentecostal minister, blasphemously claimed that God flashed this secret chemical formula on his bedroom wall in the dim hours of the morning, claiming further that this product has an unexplainable spiritual source. People who have taken this product have sometimes heard God giving them instructions. The source of this product may indeed be spiritual, but it is not the Great God- who is not in the practice of merchandizing His gifts, nor appending some bizarre side effects, but instead is an aberration concocted by Satan, insidiously and craftily leading people away from obeying God.