Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

May 2007
Volume 16, Number 4

The first-century apostles, particularly Paul, often use military metaphors to describe the struggle Christians must undergo to prepare for the Kingdom of God. Whether the subject is the armor of God or being recruited into God's army, the New Testament--as well as the Old--provides evidence that Chrisitianity is not a walk in the park but a fight! (iStockphoto)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Christian Fight (Part One)

Despite the many blessings God bestows upon His saints, real Christianity more resembles a running battle against persistent, hostile forces than a leisurely stroll down the path of life. John Ritenbaugh uses the example of ancient Israel in the wilderness to illustrate that God prepares us for spiritual war against the enemies that would keep us from His Kingdom.

Ready Answer
Building With Integrity

by Mike Ford

People seems to talk a lot about character and values, but finding a person or a company with integrity is a tall order. Using the example of baseball legend Ted Williams, Mike Ford describes what integrity is all about and how vital it is both for our own character growth and the growth of the church.

Prophecy Watch
All About Edom (Part Five):
Obadiah and God's Judgment

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

The latter half of the prophecy of Obadiah provides clues to the timing and extent of its fulfillment. In this concluding article on the Edomites, Richard Ritenbaugh relates details of Edom's prophesied demise for its hatred of the people of Israel.

My Parents Won't Let Me!

by Clyde Finklea

Keeping the Sabbath definitely marks a person as different. Perhaps the feeling of being odd that comes from Sabbath observance affects young people most of all. Clyde Finklea recounts the story of a friend's momentous choice regarding his keeping of the Sabbath, a decision he had to make all on his own.

A Perfect Storm of National Cycles

by David C. Grabbe

A perfect storm is a natural phenomena in which several storm fronts collide in a small area, causing dangerous—even deadly—conditions. The societal cycles of America, Europe, and Russia, says David Grabbe, are also converging, and the result could prove to be even more devastating.

Bible Study
The Miracles of Jesus Christ:
Healing Peter's Mother-in-Law

by Martin G. Collins

Jesus had served the people all day, but that evening, when He entered Simon Peter's house, He found He had one more miracle to perform. Martin Collins dissects the healing of Peter's wife's mother, showing that it contains a pointed lesson about gratitude and service.

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