Forerunner Magazine (2007)


Angela Merkel's TAFTA Gambit
Angela Merkel's TAFTA Gambit (January 2007)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has an ambitious agenda for Germany's six-month term as leader of the European Union. One of her loftier goals is to create a free-trade zone linking the United States with the EU. Merkel's assertiveness is a sure sign of Germany's re-emergence as Europe's driving force.

Purge Me With Hyssop
Purge Me With Hyssop (February 2007)
A field of hyssop basks in the sun. Hyssop, a species of marjoram, is mentioned frequently in Scripture in connection with purification. It is especially linked with Passover, as the Israelites used hyssop to smear lamb's blood on the lintels and doorposts of the homes. What does hyssop symbolize in God's Word?

Shallow Ponds and Charity
Shallow Ponds and Charity (March-April 2007)
What does a shallow pond have to do with acts of kindness and mercy? Modern ethicists use such analogies to explain their theories of human behavior. Christians, however, can rely on the clear instruction of Jesus Christ to inform their moral choices.

The Christian Fight
The Christian Fight (May 2007)
The first-century apostles, particularly Paul, often use military metaphors to describe the struggle Christians must undergo to prepare for the Kingdom of God. Whether the subject is the armor of God or being recruited into God's army, the New Testament--as well as the Old--provides evidence that Chrisitianity is not a walk in the park but a fight!

Answer Him or Not?
Answer Him or Not? (June 2007)
When biblical contradictions are discussed, Proverbs 26:4-5 is invariably mentioned. One verse says we should not answer a fool, and the next says we should! What is going on here? How could such an obvious error have sneaked past the Bible's editors--unless there is more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps this seeming contradiction contains a great deal of practical wisdom.

How Threatening Is China?
How Threatening Is China? (July 2007)
Thousands of Chinese reservists attend a ceremony at a stadium in Nanjing. China is increasingly challenging U.S. dominance in several critical areas, including economic, military, and diplomatic power. But is China in a position to rise to superpower status? Is it on the verge of breaking into the first tier of nations, or will its internal problems hold it back?

A Commandment With Promise
A Commandment With Promise (August 2007)
Three generations pose for a family picture. The fifth commandment is the first of the Ten to deal with our relationship with other people, in this case, those who are closest to us, our parents. It is also the only commandment to contain a specific promise, length of days. How does honoring one's parents lead to a long life?

Noah's Work of Faith
Noah's Work of Faith (September-October 2007)
As one of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11, Noah's work of building an ark to save humanity and animal life from extinction in the Flood is used as an illustration of saving faith. However, for thinking Christians this brings up a seeming paradox: Was Noah saved by God's grace or by his own works? Are faith and works really incompatible in the process of salvation?

Turkey on the Rise
Turkey on the Rise (November-December 2007)
Turkish Special Forces display their skills at a recent military demonstration. Turkey is geographically situated at the intersection of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, making it potentially influential in all of these regions. Though it is not a regional power yet, it seems to be rapidly emerging as one economically, politically, and militarily.