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Jesus Christ

The Pirate Adventure!

Come aboard for an extremely active and hands-on trip for children between the ages of three and 10. Our Myrtle Beach pirate ship guarantees fun for the family! Ticket price includes face painting and a lucky treasure hunting vest to wear onboard the ship. Pirate Adventures is a children’s interactive treasure hunt in Myrtle Beach. The children raise the crew and battle flags, have a water cannon battle with an enemy pirate, hoist up a sunken treasure chest, and everyone gets to take home a handful of treasure. We also search for Pirate Pete’s “secret stash,” and then we have a pirate party and do the limbo aboard our pirate cruise!

The Pirate Adventure is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16 and all passengers older than age three (3) are $20/person with the group discount. Passengers aged one and two are $12. Infants are free, but please include them in your reservation for a total count. For more information, please contact Beth Ritenbaugh. Payment may be made via Venmo (Richard Ritenbaugh's account) or by check.

Checks can be mailed to:

Beth Ritenbaugh
7309 Entwhistle Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28226

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