Commentary: Liberalism and Education (Part Two)

Dramatic Evidence of Liberalism's Spread

Given 28-Apr-12; 12 minutes

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The liberal agenda designed to destroy the role of the descendants of Israel, including America and Britain, has been systematically planned by Satan over a long period of time. Liberalism is much easier to push than conservatism because the latter requires discipline, while the former caters to self-interest and emotion. Human nature does not require much persuasion to go the easier way. Woodrow Wilson bragged that the purpose of a university (with its pernicious liberal propaganda) was to make sons as different from their fathers as possible. David Horowitz, a conservative whose parents were members of the Communist Party. started his career as a rabid liberal columnist, but saw the evil results of his political philosophy in 1975. He has written as a conservative for Whistleblower magazine since 1985. His recent article describes a survey conducted by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, reporting political leanings on university campuses, showing the ratio of liberal/conservative or Democrat/Republican registration among students and faculty. The survey indicates that among faculty and administrators, there was an average of ten Democrats for every one Republican (with some Ivy League school having no conservative representation), while the registration nationally indicated nearly equal distribution. Since the grand design of Woodrow Wilson's influence on the educational system, academia (faculty and administration) have been captivated by the Democrat party and the leftist progressive blueprint (envisioned by Woodrow Wilson and the secular progressives) for the sinister transformation of America to radical liberal socialism. Nothin



Last week, I spoke on liberalism and education, and I did that in order to give a brief overview, showing how liberal philosophy became the dominant religious, educational and political philosophy in the United States over the past 100 years or so. This did not happen overnight, but it was actually well planned out, and it was executed, not by men, but by Satan.

After giving that commentary last week, it brought to mind something that is recorded in a book titled, FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt]: My Exploited Father-in-Law, and it was written by Curtis Dall. What FDR said to Dall was this: "Nothing happens by accident in Washington, D. C." He meant that nothing politically happens by accident in Washington, D. C. He meant that somebody or some group was either promoting an agenda, or working to hinder the promotion of an agenda. Dall began his service to the Roosevelt family as a liberal, but as his experience with them deepened, it offended his sense of righteousness and he gradually became a conservative.

Roosevelt meant that men were purposely pursuing an agenda, but I went beyond that to the one that I believe was responsible for the gradual switch to liberalism, and that, of course, was Satan, who fervently wants to destroy the Israelitish people's influence in the world, especially that of the Brits and the United States.

It was purposely spread gradually by Satan into university administrations and faculties through men and women deceived by his artful lies, using the "a little leaven leavens the whole lump" principle. I'll tell you, brethren, it was not even difficult to accomplish, and today they dominate those institutions. Liberalism is much easier to accept than conservatism, because conservatism requires the stronger discipline to remain within an already established tradition. Human nature does not often need a great deal of persuasion to go the easier way.

The key to grasping liberalism's easy acceptance lies in understanding and believing in human nature's desire to break free of the restraints that it feels. This is the way of the world. This very process produced the first sin, Adam's and Eve's, and continues to do so to this day.

I concluded last week's talk with a quote that was taken from our 28th President. (FDR was 32nd.) But our 28th President stated, "I have often said that the use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible." The university's institutions have succeeded marvelously in accomplishing this.

I do not know whether you're familiar with the name David Horowitz. He was born in 1939. Today he is a conservative writer and a policy advocate. His parents were members of the Communist Party here in the United States and avid supporters of Joseph Stalin. They were liberal to the bone, and with that family background, David began his public life has a strong advocate for liberal causes that lasted until 1975. At that time, he completely switched sides and became a conservative, but he was not active in anything until 1985.

An article written by him appears in the most recent edition of Whistleblower magazine and tells of the results of a survey conducted in 2003 by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. This was done in 32 elite colleges and universities nationwide. The purpose of this survey was to discover the ratio of registered Democrats to registered Republicans on both the faculties and administrations of liberal arts colleges, technically-oriented universities (like M. I. T. in Massachusetts), as well as the highly competitive major universities.

They chose to seek the party registration because they felt that the conservative and liberal designations were too vague to most people, because one can easily believe that one is a liberal Republican or, on the other hand, a conservative Democrat and provide a misleading answer. They believe that a simple Republican or Democrat designation described more clearly what people believed, practiced and thought. I believe the results are not surprising, and they give very strong evidence why the United States of America is moving so rapidly in a liberal direction.

Recall something that I spoke on in the past. The philosophical "body in motion" principle, which states, "a body in motion tends to remain in motion unless something arises to move the body into a different direction." Thus, the principles of liberalism, once introduced into the universities, spread because there was nothing to stop it.

This is what this center found in these 32 schools. Hang on to your hats. The overall average on faculties was 10 Democrats to one Republican, although the national ratio between registered Democrats to registered Republicans is virtually even. Do you see the tilt?

The closest any university in the survey came to an equal distribution of Republicans to Democrats was at Northwestern University in Chicago, where the ratio was four Democrats to one Republican.

Listen to these other ratios:

Brown University: 30 Democrats to one Republican

Bowdoin College: 23 Democrats to one Republican.

Wellesley College: 23 Democrats to one Republican.

Swarthmore College: 21 Democrats to one Republican.

Amherst College: 18 Democrats to one Republican.

Bates College: 18 Democrats to one Republican.

Columbia University (in New York City): 14 Democrats to one Republican.

Yale University: 14 Democrats to one Republican.

University of Pennsylvania: 12 Democrats to one Republican.

UCLA (in Los Angeles) and UCLA (in Berkeley): both 12 Democrats to one Republican.

Williams College, Overland College, M.I.T. University, and Haverford College did not have a single Republican on any faculty in the school.

Furthermore, the ratios of the administrations were similar, except for the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, and Cornell did not have a single administrator who was Republican.

In addition, the researchers found that in the entire Ivy League schools, only three Republicans were found in administrative positions, and in many of those schools, the history, political, science, English and sociology departments had no Republicans whatever in teaching positions.

Thus, it is entirely possible that in any of these schools, depending upon the students' course choices, a student will graduate without ever being taught in a single class by anybody but a person who is a Democrat and therefore bears a liberal bias.

Well, Satan has done his job well by spreading his brand of liberalism to the American people, because these people graduate from universities and they spread that wherever they go in society. Being college graduates, they very often are in positions of influence in higher positions.

Brethren, maybe the saddest, most disheartening part of this whole thing is that there is nothing on the horizon that will bump this liberal movement from the direction it is heading except for the return of Jesus Christ, and we do not know when this is going to be. All you have to do is use your brain and see that things are going to continue downhill, immorally, indefinitely.