Commentary: The Nones, Atheism, and Immorality

They've Drunk the Kool-Aid

Given 22-Jun-13; 13 minutes

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The group of our citizenry tagged the 'Nones' has risen to prominence in society, larger than either the Black or Latino populations, having a propensity to vote Democrat, ideologically committed to abortion, radical feminism, homosexuality, strict gun control, and socialism. The Nones, largely members of the upper middle class, having significant middle-management power and being highly entrenched in educational institutions throughout the nation, are unanimously anti-Christian and anti-God, embracing agnosticism or atheism. Having set aside all systems of morality, these progressive humanists have stripped away all protections against murder, lying, coveting, stealing, or rape. Our country is being destroyed from within, with a sizable segment of our population hopelessly drunk on the Kool-Aid of progressive liberalism.



I am devoting one more commentary, at least, to the Nones, and I am doing it because they are such an interesting group to me. One reason that they are interesting to me is because, historically, they have risen so rapidly to some measure of prominence in the United States. They represent around 60 million people, and that is a sizeable number. This one block of people is larger than either the Black or the Latino populations, and is almost three quarters of the size of those two combined.

Pollsters have uncovered that the bulk of these adherents are of one political persuasion. Seventy percent of them voted for Barack Obama, and as a group, they hold many similar social and cultural perspectives with him and, of course, with each other.

But here is where it begins to get interesting. They are not an organized group, but rather more like a milling mass of people with no single focus that would tend to unify them. By not being an organized force, I mean that they are not all card-holding members of a fraternal organization, nor are all members of the same workers union, even as they are not members of an organized church, either. They are simply an eclectic group of Americans.

Their ages are spread out between roughly 30 and 70 and therefore they are all voters. As Mr. Reno, the editor of First Things, who gave the speech to Hillsdale College, stated in his address, they are clearly of middle- and upper-middle classes regarding income. They often sit in seats of middle management power in corporations, and they are also deeply involved in educational institutions.

But the most intriguing aspect to me is that though they are definitely not involved in any organized religion, they are ideologically anti-Christian. It is something that they are almost unanimously agreed upon. They are agreed, but with let varying levels of antagonism.

What this means to me is, without their saying anything, they are anti-Creator God, the God of the Bible and the God of the Christian religion. If they hate His children, they hate Him, too. In short, bluntly, they are agnostics or atheists.

They strongly support abortion, women's rights, the homosexual agenda, and they are against capital punishment but for rigid gun control. In other words, as a body of citizens, they have bought into the liberal agenda, and they support it solidly with action, not as a group, just independently, person-to-person.

This subject came to mind again this week because some atheists will erect a monument outside the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida. It will be placed adjacent to a monument that honors such people as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, and also features a listing of the 10 Commandments.

The atheists' monument will feature quotations from Madalyn Murray O'Hair. But there will be no code of morality on that monument to serve as a counterbalance to the 10 Commandments, which are authored by the Creator God and have been the standard of moral behavior in this nation from its beginning.

It is right here that the agnostic or atheistic Nones run into a major problem in regard to a foundation for their logic and civic conduct. The names of those founders I just mentioned (and many, many other founders that remain unnamed simply for a lack of time) all endorsed and submitted to the 10 Commandments as the moral standard of this nation that they founded.

Let's define "moral": (Remember I said that there they have a problem with logic here.)

Concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character; conforming to standards of what is right and just in behavior; virtuous. The term morality is the quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.

I want you to understand that agnostic and atheist Nones who despise Christianity and boldly and loudly state that Christianity ruins everything have absolutely no—none, zilch—moral standing to critique any moral law system, which is what the 10 Commandments are. Now, why? Because atheism cannot account for any morality drawn from any source whatever higher than each individual, including themselves or some other highly variable and very fallible human being just like themselves. Without directly saying it, they are saying, "I am the standard."

The result is atheists cannot argue against murder, genocide, rape, theft, lying, and they could not even come close to identifying coveting. They cannot come close to identifying the moral stature of "doing unto others as you would have others do unto you," or "love your enemies." The bottom line of their moral standard is that since they say there is no God, one should not worry—just enjoy life.

But what if you are a None and you come in contact with somebody who enjoys raping? Or what if it is somebody who enjoys killing? What if it is a None who enjoys stealing? Or they come in contact with somebody who misleads others through lies?

Let us modify that a bit. What if one really does not enjoy doing those things, but nonetheless believes one is justified in doing such things because one is "in need," and so does these things because his need is judged by him to be greater than the victim's life, greater than the victim's sexual purity, greater than the victims possession of his property that you take from them because of your perceived need?

Now since, according to them, there is no God, they must resort to atheistic assumptions. That's the key word—assumptions. Solomon put it so simply: "There is a way that seems right unto a man. . . ." (Proverbs 14:12; 16:25) Well, if they run into one—these people—then there is no way to prove that any act, no matter how horrible, is absolutely wrong.

Is there any way of using their assumptions that abortion is not murder? What if a certain person decided that after extracting living baby from its mother's womb, he or she decided that he would complete the abortion by napalming the baby to death? Can cannibalism be deemed as immoral? Consider from the Bible: What do you think about what Lot did in offering his daughters to the guys who were on the front porch? Or what do you think about Lot's daughters getting their father drunk and then having sex with him, and babies were conceived?

You see what happened there? Do you understand that this is the direction that this nation is headed? You need to consider this because in the United States, morality is devolving into a matter of counting votes. That is all it is anymore. Thus, the concept receiving the most votes establishes the moral standard, and this is why homosexuality, lesbianism, and same-sex unions are becoming standards of morality. Those groups have more votes than others, if you get my drift. In other words, the Nones mean more—they carry more weight—to the government's agenda, and thus true morality is shoved aside. Truly, this is being done for the purpose of deliberately destroying the nation from within.

The Nones, though they are not organized as a political party, have a sizable mass of the population drunk on the immoral Kool Aid of modern liberalism. They are forcing those of more upright standards to take it, leave it, or be sued and go to jail. They are so self concerned that their immorality will not permit them to have concern for others, as we just heard in the sermonette ["His Compassions Fail Not- But How about Ours?"]. The apostle Paul warned,

II Timothy 3:1-2 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy

And that's where we are today.