Commentary: You Can't Fix Stupid


Given 23-Jan-21; 8 minutes

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The first action of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the United States House of Representatives was a change to the rules of the House banning all terms related to gender and family relationships (such as mother, daughter, father, son etc.), this in view of the more pressing matters concerning the pandemic and other matters of moment. To rub salt into the legislative wound, Representative Cleaver, in a prayer opening the first session of the new Congress, invoked the name of Brahma (the Hindu god with many names) instead of Almighty God, concluding with the adolescent affirmation: "Amen and A-women." Members of the political left currently in power have proven themselves absolute fools in the eyes of God and His called-out saints (Ecclesiastes 10:2-3, Isaiah 3:12).



Many of you have probably heard of the comedian, Ron White. His catch phrase is, “You can’t fix stupid.” As I go through this commentary, you will understand why I mentioned that. On "News, Nuggets, and Insight," Tom Kerry has a segment called, “You can’t make this stuff up!” So today, I want to share the latest segment of “You can’t make this stuff up!” with you. It left me dumbfounded, and I am sure it is going to leave you the same way.

As David just mentioned ["Implications of the Gospel of the Kingdom"], a new administration has taken over the White House, and Nancy Pelosi is, of course, holding the position of Speaker of the House. That means that she is third down on the food chain. You've got Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi. A very powerful position.

With all the turmoil, division, and hatred going on in our nation, as well as the disease epidemic, and all the trouble this country is having—the rioting, killing, destroying businesses, setting fires—one would think that her first agenda would be something of grave importance. Well, let’s take a look at just what her first agenda was.

The New York Post reported that Nancy Pelosi is changing “rules in her House.” One headline said she is going "gender neutral" in the House. She is eliminating gender names in the House of Representatives of the most powerful nation on earth.

This was in the New York Post: “Nancy Pelosi bans gender terms like mother, daughter, father, son in House Rules.” "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern unveil the rules for the 117th Congress on Friday, which contains “Future-Focused” proposals, including the elimination of gender terms." It goes on to say, “Proposed changes to the rules of the House of Representatives would honor all gender identities [didn't God create just male and female?] by eliminating specific terms such as mother and father, son and daughter, and aunt and uncle."

A GOP [Grand Old Party] NY Congresswoman blasts Nancy Pelosi’s new House gender rules. Elise Stefanik, a Republican Representative from New York [I didn't even know they had any Republicans left in New York!], told the Post,

Instead of reviving the economy, restoring our constitutional freedoms and delivering results for the American people, speaker Pelosi has chosen her debut legislation, which would ban words like mother, sister and daughter. There are millions of Americans suffering, our economy is hurting, vaccine distribution is lagging, and Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are worried about this nonsense. Here’s a gender-neutral word to describe this legislation: RIDICULOUS

This is what we have to look forward to from our leaders. Brethren, you just can’t make this stuff up. And this isn't the worst of it. Let's add to this. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who opened this 117th congressional meeting with a prayer, ends his might think, first of all, "Well, that's pretty good—they open the first congressional meeting with a prayer." But he ends his prayer, not in the name of Jesus Christ, but "in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma." Do you know who Brahma is? He is a Hindu god that has many names in many cultures. That's what he said: " the name of the monotheistic god, Brahma, a god of many names in many cultures. Amen and A-women.”

Oh, what intelligence! You can't make this stuff up. This is serious business. They have completely removed the true God and replaced Him with a false god! This administration actually began the 117th congressional meeting with a prayer to a false god!

This administration refers to themselves as the “Left,” and conservatives, including Christians, are considered the “Right.” Is this just a political term? Does the Bible actually say anything about those on the left and those on the right? Yes it does:

Ecclesiastes 10:2-3 (Revised Standard Version) The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left. Even when fools walk on the road, they lack sense, and show to everyone that they are fools.

We know that in the New Testament, Jesus said we have to be careful about calling somebody a fool. But this is a Hebrew word that actually means "stupid, silly, foolish, no wisdom." These, brethren, are the leaders of the United States of America.

Isaiah 3:12 (A Faithful Version) As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. Oh, My people, those who lead you cause you to err and destroy the way of your paths.

These leaders are going to lead this country down a wrong path, and we are seeing it coming. All I can say is, may the true God, the God of Israel, have mercy on His people!

I’ll end here with the words of comedian Ron White: “You can’t fix stupid.”