Spiritual Minefields
Sermon; Given 8/27/1994
To navigate safely through Satan's minefield, we must ask for God's protection, maintaining humility, watchfulness, and diligence in our task of overcoming.
Playing With Fire
Article; Posted 7/1/1994
Solomon uses the analogy of taking fire to his bosom or walking on hot coals to describe sinning. In particular, he warns against sexual sins.
Rivet Your Eyes on the Destination
Article; Posted 6/1/1994
By recounting a personal experience, John Reid reveals a valuable lesson about keeping our eyes focused on our goal, the Kingdom. Overconcern with the around-and-about …
The Purpose of the Ministry
Sermon; Given 5/21/1994
The purpose of the ministry is to train members for service to God, edifying them, equipping them for their job, and bringing them to spiritual maturity.
Time for Self-Evaluation
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 3/1/1994
Prior to the Days of Unleavened Bread, we are told to examine ourselves. How can we do that? Here are a few pointers on doing a thorough, honest once over.
Don't Take God for Granted
Sermon; Given 1/1/1994
We all tend to allow familiarity to lure us into carelessly taking something for granted. This is particularly dangerous regarding God and His purpose for us.
Pillars Stand for Something!
Article; Posted 1/1/1994
God has called us to be "faithful pillars" in His house. The Bible teaches what we need to be doing to become pillars, and the reward of a "faithful pillar."
Toys as Tools
Article; Posted 11/1/1993
We often take our children's toys for granted, but they are actually tools that can teach either right or wrong. John Reid gives some guidelines for choosing proper …
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/7/1993
John Reid, reflecting on Paul Kennedy's book Preparing For The Twenty First Century, based on the Malthusian thesis that the exponential growth of population …
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/2/1993
God appreciates when we show concern for others, developing the maturity to overlook the slights others have made to us. Love sets an example for others.
Tithing: God's Financial System
Article; Posted 7/1/1993
God has set in place a wonderful system to pay for the promulgation of His truth. Here are answers several common questions on the subject.
Facing Change: A Lesson from I Kings 13
Article; Posted 1/1/1993
Using the story of God's prophet in I Kings 13, John Reid derives several lessons we can apply in this time of doctrinal confusion.
I Want Patience - and I Want It Now!
Article; Posted 8/1/1992
John Reid discusses two forms of patience, showing how we need it to build godly character.