He Who Overcomes
Sermon; Given 4/6/2004
John Reid contends that intense struggle is, by design of Almighty God, an integral and necessary part of the overcoming process. Just as fighting to escape its cocoon …
Out of the Abundance of Your Prayers Your Heart Speaks
Sermonette; Given 2/28/2004
Focusing upon the principle that we speak from the abundance of our hearts, John Reid admonishes us to be careful how we come before God Almighty in our daily prayers, …
God's Epistle
Sermon; Given 1/24/2004
John Reid, urging all of us to become worthy representatives of God's way of life, maintains that we as Christians have the obligation or responsibility to provide a …
Sermon; Given 12/20/2003
Satan works on us through our imagination; he broadcasts images to our minds. To counter this, we must resist him, practice humility and draw close to God.
To Test You
Sermon; Given 5/31/2003
John Reid warns of an impending time when Satan will provide us a "test act" to determine whether we will conform to the image of the Beast or face grave, …
No Real Love Without God
Sermon; Given 4/17/2003
We are called to take on the very nature of God, to put on the love of God. Surprisingly, We can rekindle our first love by ardently keeping God's Commandments.
Defining Trials
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 9/23/2002
Trials define who we are by placing choices before us, forcing us to have faith in God. Character is built by making right, though difficult, choices.
Belief with Obedience
Sermon; Given 1/19/2002
Catholics and Protestants, because of lack of belief, do not find the Bible a sufficient guide to salvation. They claim to believe Christ, yet disobey.
The Whole Truth
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 12/1/2001
We have heard the courtroom mantra, 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.' Behavior shows that many shy away from 'nothing but the truth'!
Will You Be Accounted Worthy for the Kingdom?
Sermon; Given 5/12/2001
Using business analogies of periodically reviewing plans, making forecasts, and anticipating accountability, John Reid emphasizes that God expects us to define and …
A Christian's Greatest Trial
Sermon; Given 12/30/2000
Military strategists have long realized the key to success in the training of new recruits is to identify the danger they will encounter—in short, to know their …
Little Compromises (2001)
Article; Posted 11/1/2000
Compromise is a dirty word to a Christian. John Reid shows that big compromises—and eventual apostasy—begins with little compromises.
Sow for Yourself
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/17/2000
John Reid, inspired by the early farming experiences of one of his sales colleagues, reflects that the Feast of Tabernacles (a harvest season) depicts the reward of …
Having a Right Attitude
Article; Posted 9/1/2000
Not only must Christians follow true doctrines, but they must also live God's way in the proper attitude. Here are lessons from Jonah's and Moses' examples.
The Promises of God
Sermon; Given 7/29/2000
John Reid stresses that in this time of confusion and rapid change, we have a desperate need for something solid upon which to grasp or embrace. Some of the most …
Giving Your Word
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 6/1/2000
How sure is your word? One's word is not worth a whole lot these days in the world, but in the church what we say and promise should be good as gold! John Reid writes …
Remaining Unleavened
Article; Posted 4/1/2000
We tend to put matters behind us once we are finished with them, but we cannot afford to do this with the lessons we learn from the Days of Unleavened Bread.
God's Good Work in Us
Sermon; Given 3/4/2000
Despite the privileged position of our calling, God does not cut us any slack in terms of trials and tests to perfect us. We must accept God's sovereignty.
Sermon; Given 10/30/1999
Even as the world contains bait and switch schemes and false advertising, so also there are spiritual snares, far more dangerous than physical ones.
The Last Great Day
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/2/1999
Rehearsing the significance of the Last Great Day, John Reid encourages us to feel encouraged and inspired as we return to our homes and jobs, realizing that our …