The Corps Of Discovery
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/17/2008
Mark Schindler reflects upon the popular futuristic Science Fiction program Star Trek, boldly going where no man has gone before, a fantasy of what mankind envisions …
Built as a Witness
Sermon; Given 8/23/2008
Mark Schindler, reflecting on Michael Phelps phenomenal success in the Olympics, draws four spiritual parallels for our spiritual goals: (1) Special gifts are the …
The Ship Is Yours
Sermon; Given 5/10/2008
Mark Schindler, reflecting on Michael Abraschoff's book, It's Your Ship, suggests that just as a captain of a ship wants decision-makers, not just order takers, God …
Redeeming the Time for Unity
Sermon; Given 12/29/2007
Mark Schindler, reflecting on Loma Armstrong's dream about Christ's imminent return, warns about using time carelessly or frivolously. Our use of time will potentially …
God's Holy Days - Our Shared Vision Of Hope
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 9/30/2007
From Passover to Pentecost to Trumpets to Atonement to the Feast of Tabernacles, these days should solidify our vision of he Father, Jesus, and one another.
Becoming Fearless
Sermon; Given 1/27/2007
When Job was afflicted with physical problems, he learned that God was using them to perfect him. Afflictions are intended to bind us together.
Hypocrisy (2006)
Sermonette; Given 7/8/2006
Mark Schindler, commenting on the recent Academy Awards spectacle, marvels that so much attention is lavished upon people who make their living by pretending. It is …
If You Do These Things, You Shall Never Fall
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/23/2005
God has not set up us for failure, but if we can't control our inordinate pride, we could destroy our own chances of fulfilling God's purpose for us.
The Highway of Holiness
Sermonette; Given 9/30/2004
Mark Schindler, after initially focusing upon the Millennial setting in Isaiah 35- depicting a Highway of Holiness, reflects back to his early experience as a former …
God Alone Can See
Sermonette; Given 10/18/2003
Mark Schindler, reflecting on his father's funeral service on October 5, 1996—occurring on the Last Great Day—explains how he was able to reveal God's plan …
Are We Really Committed?
Sermonette; Given 9/21/2002
Mark Schindler reflects on the responses his offspring have made to their calling, their commitment, and the church, getting as close to the edge, compromising with …
Article; Posted 12/1/2001
Some of us cannot seem to realize a blessing if it slaps us across the face! Ingratitude can hold us back in our relationship with God.
A Glimpse at the Family of God
Sermonette; Given 10/3/2001
Mark Schindler, giving a summary of the movie "Family Man," a movie which provides the protagonist a glimpse of the life he could have had if he had pursued …
An Extraordinary Feast
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 3/1/2001
Are we merely performing a ritual or are we making sure the real point of deleavening and keeping these days does not get lost in the physical activity?
Living Up to Our Responsibilities
Sermonette; Given 10/16/2000
Mark Schindler, standing silent for over a minute, dramatizes failure of responsibility, admonishing us that we metaphorically leave huge holes if we let down on our …
Lessons From Esther: Mordecai Never Grew Weary
Article; Posted 4/1/1999
Mordecai, a Jew living in the Persia capital, faithfully guided Esther through a time of potentially great trouble. Such character is in our reach as well.
Sharing Our Lives at the Feast
Article; Posted 9/1/1995
The Feast of Tabernacles is a wonderful gift God has given us to spend time with each other, really sharing of ourselves. Mark Schindler gives a few examples of how …
God's List
Article; Posted 5/1/1995
Oskar Schindler was determined to rescue as many Jews as possible from the horrors of the Final Solution. God acts in a similar way with His people. Mark Schindler …
Serving Through Prayer
Article; Posted 3/1/1994
Though we can serve in many ways, one area where we often miss a golden opportunity to help others is in prayer. It requires no special skills or equipment.