Stephen and the New Deal
Article; Posted 1/1/1995
Over the centuries, God has been disappointed by mankind over and over again. One man who did not disappoint was the deacon Stephen. Find out why he was so special.
Truth or Unity?
Article; Posted 9/1/1994
Oftentimes, searching for the truth brings us into conflict with others' beliefs, causing separations between brethren in the church of God.
Focus on the Father
Article; Posted 6/1/1994
Instead of some grandiose title, God asks us to call Him simply "Father." We have human fathers, church fathers and since our calling, a spiritual Father. The role of …
Enter the Joy of Your Lord!
Article; Posted 2/1/1994
Happiness — everybody wants it, many pursue it, but who enjoys it for any length of time? We listen with disbelief when someone claims to know the way to lasting …
How Much Is the Bible Worth To You?
Article; Posted 1/1/1994
In one sense, we take the Bible for granted. In other times possessing God's Word was rare and expensive. Here is why having such ready access to God's Word is one of …
Should We Stop Having Babies?
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 12/1/1993
One of the 'woes' Jesus pronounces concerns those who have children when fleeing. This is a situation would-be parents need to consider.
'By What Every Joint Supplies'
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 12/1/1993
One of our primary duties as Christians is to build strong, loving relationships with our brethren. What are you supplying to the growth of the body?
Beware of Faith Blockers!
Article; Posted 6/1/1993
We need to be working on increasing our faith and ridding our lives of attitudes that block faith. Then we can begin to be profitable servants.
Standing Up for God
Article; Posted 4/1/1993
Standing up against the majority is never easy, but as Christians, we have been called to do just that. We need to grow in courage until we are bold as a lion.
Our Calling - The Work of God
Article; Posted 2/1/1993
Herbert Armstrong wrote that his work was finished, but the work of the church continues. What is our work today? What is God's Work? This article discusses where the …
Growing in Grace and Knowledge?
Article; Posted 9/1/1992
Changing doctrine in not a sign of growth, but of apostasy. How could we "abide in the doctrine" (II John 9-11) if God changed it from time to time?