Sex, Sin and Marriage
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 9/1/1997
Sex and marriage are God-given experiences that Christians need a proper perspective of. Thus, God gives us His seventh commandment: You shall not commit adultery.
The Weightier Matters (Part 4) : Faith and Fidelity
Article; Posted 9/1/1997
Faith and fidelity to God and His way of life should be a major part of our character. Here is what faith and fidelity are, how to recognize a lack of them.
The Weightier Matters (Part 3): Mercy
Article; Posted 8/1/1997
Many have a love-hate relationship with mercy: They love to receive it, but hate to give it! Here is why we should lean toward mercy in all our judgments.
The Weightier Matters (Part 2): Judgment
Article; Posted 7/1/1997
Jesus lists judgment as the first of the weightier matters in Matthew 23, verse. This article explains this term and shows why judgment is a major part of Christianity.
The Weightier Matters (Part 1): Introduction
Article; Posted 6/1/1997
Jesus blasts the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23, telling them they ignore the 'weightier matters.' We must focus on certain virtues as we keep God's law.
Will Aliens Invade the Earth?
Article; Posted 6/1/1997
Satan seems to be planting into men's minds the thought that an alien force will one day invade earth. Perhaps the Devil is conditioning mankind for Christ's return?
'Go Ye Therefore Into All the World...'
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 5/1/1997
To understand Jesus' command, we need to examine what else He said to the same people. We should also determine just whom He commissioned to preach.
Why Did Jesus Have to Die by Crucifixion?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 4/1/1997
Crucifixion is man's most cruel form of punishment. Why did Jesus need to die this way? What does it teach us? And was Jesus stabbed before or after He died?
Does God Want You to be Rich?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 2/1/1997
Laodiceans think of themselves as rich, while God sees them as poor. But Smyrnans see themselves as poor, yet God says they are rich! What are true riches?
The Third Resurrection: What Is Its Value?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 9/1/1996
What purpose does the Third Resurrection serve? Is it just so God can punish the incorrigible? Does it play a part in OUR salvation?
Holy Days: Feast of Tabernacles
Bible Study (Article); Posted 8/1/1996
The Feast of Tabernacles is a type of the Millennium, when Christ will set up His government on the earth. Real peace and prosperity will be the norm.
Do We Want to Catch 'Olympic Fever'?
Article; Posted 8/1/1996
Are the Olympics the pure sporting events they are purported to be? This article shows that the Olympic Games have their roots in religion!
Why Should Christians Refuse Jury Duty?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 7/1/1996
Christ's disciples should not engage in the trying, judging, or sentencing of others. Under the New Covenant, God states that He reserves this to Himself.
Holy Days: Trumpets
Bible Study (Article); Posted 6/1/1996
The Feast of Trumpets sounds a dire warning of war on the one hand and triumph for God and His saints on the other. Our goal is to be prepared for Christ's return.
Common Tithing Questions
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 5/1/1996
The doctrine of tithing often raises specific questions regarding how many there are, who they go to and whether they are strictly on agriculture.
Holy Days: Unleavened Bread
Bible Study (Article); Posted 4/1/1996
The Feast of Unleavened Bread immediately follows the Passover. In it we see how hard it is to overcome and rid our lives of sin.
January 1996: What Happened?
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 3/1/1996
January has been a significant month in church history. This article ponders whether anything significant occurred in January 1996, ten years after Herbert Armstrong's …
Holy Days: God's Plan in the Holy Days
Bible Study (Article); Posted 2/1/1996
Leviticus 23 not only reveals God's holy days—it also provides, in symbol form, a detailed schematic of God's plan!
Discerning Christ's Broken Body
Article; Posted 4/1/1995
Jesus Christ, our Savior, commands Christians as His disciples to participate in the annual Passover memorial of His work on our behalf. The service consists of three …
What's Going On Up There?
Article; Posted 2/1/1995
Does it seem like your prayers never reach God's throne—that at best they are only recorded on God's answering machine? This article gives a new perspective on …