What Makes Generation "Me" Tick?
Commentary; Given 9/5/2020
Over the past six decades (from the Boomer Generation to the Millennial generation), individuals have grown more narcissistic, entitled and miserable.
Achieving the Desires of Our Hearts
Sermonette; Given 8/22/2020
God's promise to give us the desires of our heart is contingent upon delighting ourselves in Him, changing our hearts to be in alignment with His attributes.
Specks as Mirrors
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 8/14/2020
Our ability to see the specks in others' eyes may indicate spiritual deficiencies in ourselves, as we project our own sins onto others.
Unmasking Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (Part Two)
Commentary; Given 7/11/2020
Some billionaire 'philanthropists' have profound messiah complexes that drive them to promise peace, prosperity and health, but which pose existential threats.
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Seven): Cultivating Goodness
Sermon; Given 6/13/2020
God has provided strategies which will facilitate His people's cultivation of the spiritual fruit of goodness, working effectively as Christ's sharecroppers.
Unmasking Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (Part One)
Commentary; Given 5/16/2020
A number of secular false messiahs—particularly medical experts—have pulled the wool over the eyes of many worldwide in the past several months.
Overcoming the Leaven of Fear
Sermonette; Given 4/15/2020
God's people should not allow their hearts to be troubled, thereby permitting a cringing cowardice to destroy them. Leaven is an apt metaphor to describe fear.
Marxism in Academia: The Origins of Political Correctness
Commentary; Given 3/14/2020
Herbert Marcuse and Saul Alinsky introduced a more pragmatic form of Marxism into American academia, facilitating self-destruction by creating 'victim groups.'
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Six): Cultivating Kindness
Sermon; Given 2/15/2020
Because kindness is love in action, we must galvanize our thoughts into concrete behaviors, including offering encouraging words and performing uplifting deeds.
Exposing the Media Industrial Complex
Commentary; Given 12/7/2019
In 'The Liberal Media Industrial Complex', Mark Dice exposes the media moguls' plans to commandeer the narrative of every branch of the media.
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Five): Cultivating Patience
Sermon; Given 11/16/2019
Numerous scriptures show the bad effects of impatience committed by ancient Israel, while the patriarchs, Jesus Christ, and the Father set examples of true patience.
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Four): Cultivating Peace
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/20/2019
Here are biblical strategies to cultivate the fruit of peace, including controlling our thoughts and emotions, submitting to God's will, and embracing His law.
Another Mark of the Beast
Commentary; Given 9/28/2019
Big Tech is creating a new mode of governance through which data analytics are used to create algorithms that decide rewards and punishment for targeted behaviors.
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Three): Cultivating Joy
Sermon; Given 8/24/2019
Strategies for cultivating joy include developing contentment and gratitude, giving rather than getting, finding pleasure in work, and valuing God's law.
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Two): Cultivating Love
Sermon; Given 5/4/2019
David Maas, resuming the series "Our Part in the Sanctification Process," focuses on the need to cultivate mature self-love. Using a pair of metaphors (a set …
America's Conscience Seared with a Hot Iron
Commentary; Given 2/9/2019
'Righteous' Lot represents those who become accustomed to the sin around them, progressively searing their consciences, similar to spiritual neuropathy.
Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part One)
Sermon; Given 12/22/2018
Misguided theologians have tried to create a false dichotomy between grace and works. We do works of obedience to build character, not to earn salvation.
The W's and H's of Meditation (Conclusion)
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 9/30/2018
David Maas, concluding the series on the W's and H's of meditation, focuses on a series of scriptures warning us to guard our hearts, bring every thought into …
The W's and H's of Meditation (Part Six)
Sermon; Given 9/1/2018
The admonition to remember is one of the most dominant themes in both Testaments. James teaches that the most important project is the cultivation of our minds.
The W's and H's of Meditation (Part Five)
Sermon; Given 6/2/2018
David Maas, focusing on Old and New Testament scriptures which establish the permanency of God's Word and His immutable Laws, examines our current, precarious state as …