Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

Is God in Control? (March-April 2002)

March-April 2002
Volume 11, Number 3

Everywhere we turn, it seems that all the news is bad--terrorism, natural disasters, human tragedies, and war. Is life on earth out of control, or is God still in charge? Is God merely allowing such evils to occur, or is He actively working to bring His plan to pass?  (Reuters)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
God's Sovereignty and the Church's Condition (Part One)

How involved in man's affairs is God? Is He merely reactive, or does He actively participate—even cause events and circumstances? John Ritenbaugh argues that God is the Prime Mover in our lives and in world events.

Ready Answer
Do We Have 'Eternal Security'?

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Are we "once-saved, always-saved"? Once God grants us His grace, are we assured eternal life? Richard Ritenbaugh exposes the fallacies of this Protestant doctrine of "eternal security."

Prophecy Watch
Globalism (Part Nine):
Running To and Fro

by Charles Whitaker

In this in-depth examination of globalism, Charles Whitaker sees it as a force to bring about widespread dispersions of peoples before the end to bring about "the time of Jacob's trouble."

The Law of the Firstborn
by Staff

It is an unusual fact that the subjects of God's spring holy days and firstborns appear in the same contexts. Here is what this means to us.


by David C. Grabbe

Events and trends highlighting biblical prophecy for March-April 2002.

Bible Study
Basic Doctrines:

by Martin G. Collins

In these days of psychology and feeling, doctrine is not very popular. But it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of true Christians! This study briefly explores the basic doctrines of God.