Forerunner Magazine (2002)


Do You See God?
Do You See God? (January 2002)
Psalm 19 begins, "The heavens declare the glory of God." It is easy to see God’s hand in awesome sights like this view of the Chamaeleon Nebula. But do we see God closer to home-—in world events, in the church, in our own lives? Just how good is our spiritual sight?

Is China Ready for War?
Is China Ready for War? (February 2002)
The Bible predicts that before Christ’s return, a 200 million-man army will appear out of the East (Revelation 9:16). China must certainly comprise the bulk of this force. Can China project its power like this today—or will it need to "bulk up" first?

Is God in Control?
Is God in Control? (March-April 2002)
Everywhere we turn, it seems that all the news is bad--terrorism, natural disasters, human tragedies, and war. Is life on earth out of control, or is God still in charge? Is God merely allowing such evils to occur, or is He actively working to bring His plan to pass?

The Threat of European Globalism
The Threat of European Globalism (May 2002)
In describing globalism, one must differentiate between American and European varieties. The American kind is based on American values, rights, and democratic principles. European globalism, however, has its roots in far different soil.

God's Protective Hedge
God's Protective Hedge (June 2002)
When we become Christians, we receive many gifts and blessings from God. One that is frequently taken for granted is God’s protective hedge about us. By it, we are shielded from Satan’s most destructive attacks.

Motivated By Vision
Motivated By Vision (July 2002)
It is axiomatic that, if we do not have a goal, we will never attain it. And if our goal is unclear, we will not be motivated enough to do what it takes to reach it. How clear is our goal of the Kingdom of God?

Global Warming?
Global Warming? (August 2002)
Global warming is a frequent topic of concern these days. But is it really occurring? Are the polar ice caps melting? Is the world in danger of widespread catastrophe? Can man even predict such sweeping climate change?

Should We Pray for the World?
Should We Pray for the World? (September-October 2002)
A great deal of human suffering exists in the world, and some of those who suffer are our neighbors. We feel their anguish and despair--but is it right for Christians to pray for them?

The Future of Europe?
The Future of Europe? (November 2002)
Immigration--particularly from Islamic countries--has lately become the prime topic of concern in Europe. With immigrant populations growing faster than native ones, Europeans are concerned that they are quickly losing their cultures. How will Europe react?

Who Were the Magi?
Who Were the Magi? (December 2002)
A fascinating element of the story of Christ’s birth is the sudden appearance and disappearance of the wise men from the East. This historical mystery is more intriguing than it first appears —possibly even linking the lost ten tribes to the Messiah.