Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

God's Protective Hedge (June 2002)

June 2002
Volume 11, Number 5

When we become Christians, we receive many gifts and blessings from God. One that is frequently taken for granted is God’s protective hedge about us. By it, we are shielded from Satan’s most destructive attacks.  (ImageState)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Elements of Motivation (Part One):

Even though a Christian's potential in God's Kingdom is so wonderful, it is still necessary for God to motivate His children to reach it. John Ritenbaugh begins his series on Christian motivation by expounding the fear of God.

Ready Answer
Hedged About on Every Side

by Staff

In Job 1, Satan accuses God of hedging Job about on every side, saying that if God would let down the hedge, they could see what Job was really made of. This article explains how important God's hedge about us is.

Prophecy Watch
Globalism (Part Eleven):
The International Criminal Court and Bad Law

by Charles Whitaker

With the birth of the International Criminal Court (ICC), America is caught in a dilemma. The U.S. desires a global economy but shies away from global government in all its forms. Charles Whitaker illustrates why America should continue to shun the ICC and anything like it.

Is God a Male Chauvinist?
by David F. Maas

With the publication of a new "gender-neutral" version of the New Testament, David Maas asks if God has something against women. On the contrary, the sexes are equal, and such distortions of Scripture are entirely unnecessary.


by David C. Grabbe

World news, events, and trends in the light of Bible prophecy for June 2002.

Bible Study
Parable of the Light

by Martin G. Collins

One of Jesus' most remembered sayings concerns the Parable of the Light. The Bible Study explains how we can let our light shine both in the world and at home.