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Should Christians Drink Alcohol? (November 2004)

November 2004
Volume 13, Number 9

Many Christian churches teach that the Bible condemns the use of alcohol, but is that so? Certainly, drinking alcoholic beverages to excess is sinful, but what about the occasional beer or glass of wine? What about the wine we are to drink at Passover? Can Christians drink in moderation?  (Corbis)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Beast and Babylon (Part Seven):
How Can Israel Be the Great Whore?

Many longtime students of the Bible have trouble accepting that the Great Harlot of Revelation 17 could be God's people, Israel. However, John Ritenbaugh shows that God's Word frequently paints unfaithful Israel in this light because she has consistently played the harlot in her relationship with God.

Ready Answer
Is It a Sin to Drink Alcoholic Beverages?

by Staff

It is true that some scriptures might, at first reading, seem to teach total abstinence from wine and other strong drink. However, many other passages show otherwise.

Prophecy Watch
The Fifth Seal (Part Two)

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Persecution and martyrdom are not popular topics among Christians today, but they are facts of Christian life. Richard Ritenbaugh explains the fifth seal's cry of the martyrs and God's response.

It's Not Our Time
by David C. Grabbe

We live in a society that is increasingly concerned about ownership. We have a proclivity to assume ownership over things we find in our grasp. David Grabbe considers this principle in relation to the Sabbath. Who owns it—and how does the answer to this question affect our keeping of it?

Searching for Israel (Part Seven):
Seven Years' Punishment

by Charles Whitaker

What happened to Israel after God sent her into captivity to the Assyrians? Did God turn from physical Israel and begin to work with spiritual Israel, the church? Charles Whitaker provides scriptural and historical evidence that Israel was not restored soon after her exile—in fact, God withheld His promised blessings from her for a very long time.

Ich Bin Heide

by Charles Whitaker

World news, events, and trends from the standpoint of biblical prophecy for November 2004: "Ich Bin Heide"

Bible Study
Parable of the Persistent Widow

by Martin G. Collins

Though the widow speaks only five words in this parable, she provides Christians in these last days with an example of persistence in prayer. Martin Collins delves into the context and meaning of this helpful and encouraging parable.